Executive Producer

Bahadır Arlıel

Graduated from Anadolu University in 1991 and started his career in a production company as a runner. He also worked on many Turkish features such as Amerikalı (The American 1993), Eskiya 1996 (The Bandit), Her Şey Çok Güzel Olacak 1998 (Everything’s Gonna Be Great), Inşaat 2003 (Construction). Having spent enough time on the film production, Arliel started his own company in 2004 and produced hundreds of TV commercials for many local and international brands and advertising agencies. He produced a docudrama ‘The Turkish Passport’ premiered in Cannes in 2011 that was awarded in so many festivals all over the world. Arliel is currently an executive producer at Böcek Films Entertainment, where he focuses on content development and line productions while also working to create innovative projects, offer its roster of talents, and manage all aspects of production.

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